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Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
booohooo they put an M on other models. Whys everyone crying about it? Is it diminishing the prestige of your car?

Dont get an Audi S model. They now have S4 and the A4 S Line LOL. You can get the S line package on just about any audi. All the appearance without the go. You can get AMG Appearance package on all Mercedes. Or you can get a porsche which looks the same as every 911 in the line up with slightly different front bumpers.

The one thing that I will admit makes me mad is the fake audio on the M5. That is stupid. At least Lexus hired Yamaha to make their LFA sound REAL. BMW should be ashamed.
The witty and, dare I say, beloved guy on post #19 in this thread also agrees with your latter point.