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I'd say fake. What tipped me off is that in the 4th photo it says Xenstart, which is what all the known knock-offs are labeled. Its been a long time since Ive had these bulbs for about a year, but when I was doing my research and calling around overseas in Japan and in Germany with AUTHORIZED Philips distributors, nobody ever heard of Philips "xenstart" 6k bulbs in D1S. They simply didn't exist according to their database. They only had Philips "Ultrablue" 6k in D1S or Philips "Ultinon" in D2S/D2R.

I hope that helps the members here acquire these bulbs, they are extremely difficult to find in the US. My friend fruit cake has a set too, he was actually the one that introduced me of these "ultrablue" bulbs before I made the mistake of buying "xenstarts" from E92 Lighting, which are KNOWN to be knockoffs, sad to say. The problem is that these chinese knock-offs are so damn real down to the box, etc. that nobody bothers to find the real ones...

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