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Originally Posted by mhaghighi View Post
is amazing how childish and nasty some people can be on this forum. my original question was just a statement and not a BMW bashing in any way. For those that have made stupid comments and even ask for me to leave the forum then screw you!! because last time I checked I own 3 BMWs currently with two of the 2013 models in addition to my 2011 M3. So I know BMW performance and luxury. However, if technology was not important to your high performance BMW then what the hell are they including it in all upcoming models. So the stupid comments of performance and technology can not coexist is unreal. And no I don't text and email while driving, but if you people that talking junk actually understood the concept then you would know that you can not email and text back anyways. GROW UP PEOPLE.
Fwiw my advice is to grow a thicker skin.


Good luck.

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