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Originally Posted by Lemon Jelly M3 View Post
I had to get a DCT M3 when it first came out becuase it was THE FIRST DCT tranny from BMW ever (at least in the US).
Now, I drive a manual M3 and I have to admit DCT is way more faster and fun on the track BUT as for a daily drive, manual M3 is just so much fun.
But yes, I do miss the DCT alot... I would probably get a DCT again for my next M3.
I actually learned to drive a manual way back when on a dump truck which required double shifts for each gear change. Talk about learning quickly (shift/grind/lurch shift/grind/lurch) for each gear change.

My first two cars were a VW Beetle and a Fiat 128 - both manuals.

I had a DCT M3 and eventually traded it back in for a manual.

DCT is outstanding without question. After a period of time for me however it became boring and my left leg slowly atrophied like a right handed tennis players left arm.

Nothing like shifting for yourself, even if you are slightly slower.

I find the MT no problem in stop and go traffic. If you learn to drive a MT correctly you can start off in first gear using only the clutch and no gas.

I just missed the lack of total control in the DCT - especially with winter driving in poor conditions when the throttle and clutch are all that is needed to get going and stop in super slippery conditions, with a slight use of the brakes at the end.

DCT pretty much requires the brakes be used.

Best would be to have 2 M3's. DCT for the track and MT for all other times.