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e9x M3 vs Audi TT-RS

So I've had an Audi TT-RS for just over a year now, and while I've been casually window shopping I haven't really wanted to make a change. That was until a friend gave me a ride in his 335i. The car was just so much more...comfortable. It had so many more features than my current ride, and while it was slower, still had enough power to really knock you back in your seat (stage 2).

I'm starting to slowly come to the conclusion that the main reasons I bought the TT-RS (absurd power and awd) are no longer that important to me. AWD isn't the second coming of Christ during a snowstorm and I'm not going up to the mountains to ski. I want a backseat and a comfy car with enough power to not bore myself to death. MPG is kind of a bummer.

So what do you guys think? Obviously being on an M3 forum people are going to be a little biased, but your opinions are definitely welcome. One thing I considered doing was waiting for the new M3/M4 to come out, but it seems like a BMW launch has never gone 100% smooth before and I would rather wait a model year or two for them to work the kinks out.

If anyone's interested, here are pics of my car: