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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
I have been driving manual for 15 years exclusively... Parallel parking along steep streets and reversing uphill is part of my daily routine. The M3 is the first car I have ever owned with hill start. It is not a problem of knowledge.

If you have someone stuck 2 feet from your back bumper while going up a very steep incline with another car 2 feet from your front bumper, try starting without rolling backwards or riding the clutch hard. Plus do this about 20 times while creeping up the hill with traffic. I use the parking brake technique as well but you still ride the clutch when you start. It's really scary when it rains.. then you if you start too fast, you'll burn rubber while rolling backwards.
I do each and every day..never a problem, never roll back or burn the a matter fact i can balance the car perfectly on a steep hill just using the gas pedal and clutch..

After 15 years of MT driving I am surprised this is still an issue for you..then again you do live in SF..those hills are a pain