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Originally Posted by pgviper View Post
What's good everyone, figured I would join in since i'm in the same situation.

e90 looks great! Stance and everything is sick. Were you thinking of changing anything?

What's wrong with hankook's? For every day use, they seem to be a good choice based on price and performance.

Originally Posted by passing View Post
if you think the v12's are a performance tire, you haven't had much experience with performance tires. just saying......

for the street, great. but if you are looking for that performance edge, i don't think most users see it with the v12.
I dont think he called it a "performance" tire, I believe his point is similar to mine its a great "bang for the buck" tire, for what you are paying its a great tire, its not gonna match up to Michelin pss's but its also not ~$500 a tire.