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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Ok cool thanks. I just googled GT-R V-Spec and found this:

Pumping out 478 hp, the SpecV's 3.8L V-6 twin turbo only gets 5 extra horses over the 2008 R35 model. While Mizuno claims the car will do 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 sec and the quarter mile in under 11.5, even with a revised VDC unit that he asks you to "leave on," he tells us his aim was not to add power but to take the car's handling to the next level. And, to tell the truth, the car feels no slower, if not marginally quicker out of the blocks with the VDC on. To lift the thrill factor, curb weight is down by 132 lb and a new high gear boost control device has been added to broaden the car's 434 lb-ft of torque for around 80 sec (!) by 14 lb-ft to 448 lb-ft between 3500 and 5200 rpm. Flick the switch on the steering wheel and the boost control engages instantly giving you a noticeable, but not explosive, shove in the back. Another cool feature is that Mizuno has tuned the exhaust note into a beefier, raspier tune, thanks to a layer of titanium coating. It almost sounds like a race car.
In short, the reason why the Spec V is double the price of a normal GT-R has nothing to do with its straight line performance!