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Originally Posted by sc1989 View Post
perhaps both our captains were like let them guess!

kinda weird how their AIS is almost instantaneous in europe and lagging when off/on US coast
haha typical lazy americans (myself included) ! lmao

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yea friday is a good estimate , may happen sooner, if it docks tonight i'd estimate that it gets removed within a day from the ship perhaps a day and a half so let us say friday afternoon/night at the latest it reaches VDC and it should take perhaps 2-3 days for inspection ( i am guessing there shouldn't be any backup as your boat maybe the first since sandy or second), trucking shouldn't be an issue if there is no backup, if things go by clock your dealer can get the car as early as wednesday...maybe earlier...i've heard of cars spending 1-3 days at VDC...since emissions was already passed in summer.
I can't really get it before the friday because of work... tons of hours mon-thurs plus a 2+ hr commute each way. and I cant just like hope i make it to the dealer cause like i mentioned its a courtesy delivery so the SA has to get all the paperwork setup, then get a delivery coordinator to follow him so he can drive my car out from westchester to edison, NJ so we can do delivery at porsche.. .

so it needs to be planned ahead