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If BMW appeases the "I want it all" generation, they get slammed by enthusiasts for making cars that are too heavy and too expensive -- and even if they make everything optional to keep the base price lower, their cost to manufacture goes up and they instead get people complaining that some of those options "should be standard in a car that costs $XX". And if instead they try to appease the enthusiasts -- you know, those wacky people who just want BMW to continue doing what made them so beloved in the first place compared to Lexus, or at the very least keep all the technology to the SUVs and larger cars -- they get slammed by people like the OP.

You can't have it all. If you compromise on everything to retain some of everything, you end up with not much of anything. I think the current M3 is possibly one of the best all-around cars ever in terms of power, performance, practicality, styling, and price. I wouldn't trade some of its performance for more amenities myself -- hell, the M3 is already the top of the 3 Series pyramid in terms of luxury and features, compared to the original M3 which was a very stripped DOWN version of the regular series car because it was focused on (what a concept!) track performance.
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