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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
To me, girls that know how to drive manual automatically get 1 point added to their total score. So if she's a 6/10, all of a sudden she's 7/10 if she can drive, or better yet has a manual car.
I'd be so happy if wifey knew how to drive stick; I've even offered to let her learn on MY car but she's too terrified to try. Or alternatively if she were willing to come to the track with me in her slushbox Mini Cooper S. Ah well, can't have everything in one person, I guess.

Originally Posted by W/// View Post
While I also don't think DCT is an auto tranny, what happens when the performance between the 2 are so close together? The 8spd AT is no slouch either, but 2 pedal driving experience is going to start to be the same IMHO.
I'm actually worried about this myself. There are rumors that the next M3's DCT will have 8 speeds. I guess if they're just adding yet another overdrive gear for fuel economy that's fine; let's not forget that those fortunate to drive on the autobahn can actually cruise at high revs in 6th and 7th. But with a 6MT setup you have basically three gears used for performance driving (2nd through 4th on the road, 3rd through 5th on the track), and if the rumored 8-speed DCT were instead geared so that you now had four or even five gears to handle in those contexts, I think that would get a bit cumbersome and become a distraction rather than an improvement over 6MT.
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