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Originally Posted by TheDeliverator
Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
I can't believe BMW doesn't install a f@cking toilet in their cars. What's up with that sh!t? We have the technology, people. Also, it's 2012 and cars still don't fly - I call bullshit!
Fack that!

You know if BMW made a toilet for our cars, the retractable toilet paper holder would fraking get stuck in the closed position (you just know a lil piece of TP would be hanging out where the thing is stuck and wouldn't match the rest of my piano black interior). Plus!! The OEM performance carbon fiber version would only be available on the GTS...

So I'd HAVE to buy replica from a forum vendor (locally painted with a fade to accent the fiber of course!!), which would turn out to have shitty fitment with the commode.

Then, I'd finally man up and call those bastards over at IND for the Challenge Race version of the seat only to find out the guy who made the original mold is on hiatus and I gotta wait FORFACKINGEVAH!!!

All this shit started 'cuz I really wanted a tastefully modded M3 with just some harmless painted reflectors and side markers. Fawk me... IND sells crack.
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