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Originally Posted by jlee View Post
i had the GT-R before my M3 and all I can say is what a car...

The GT-R can make any driver seem like Michael Schumacher on a track its unbelievable. There were very few cars I couldn't pass on a track, and I actually sold it because it was like driving in a video game. Its so easy but it lacks the effort..and the effort is what makes it fun.

I also missed the sound of a I went back to an M3, something that requires a little more skill and diligence to get around a track.

I may get the new 911 next...

Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
As slow as it is, nothing beats driving a proper RWD car around a race track where the driver is rewarded for his skill rather than AWD and tons of electronics aiding you. I have tons of respect for the GTR, but I chose the M3 over it because I love being in full control of driving. If I wanted to be faster than everyone on the road and track I'd probably get the GTR, but I don't care about bragging rights. I want to learn to be a better driver and have fun along the way. That's why I have a manual transmission, rear-wheel-drive car.

Agree 100% . I did the same thing... had a m3, got a gtr and now back to a m3 because on the track, the gtr was an animal but it wasn't fun.. it always felt like the gtr was "helping" me everywhere.. especially coming out of tight turns... I just get to the apex, slam on the throttle and the car takes care of everything... Got boring after a while... I missed the V8 roar too... now its back!!