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When you compare a $89k MSRP car from 2005 with a $130k MSRP car from 2008, it really is no comparison. I wonít lie the performance of the GT3 is as expected being top notch and the chassis, motor, speed, handling, and interior all superior.

I drove the GT3 for a 1000 mile road trip to the Northwest and it was both fun and tiring. The GT3 never was meant to be a highway long range cruising car and the car reminds you of it with every bump you hit. On the open highway and when you hit the curves, the car comes alive. The best way I can talk about the GT3 is think if it as an e46 M3 but with roughly 100 more HP and the most free revving motor out there (makes the s2000 VTEC feel lethargic) as the revs climbing in the Porsche. Itís a great weekend car but definitely not a daily driver. Seating position is very comfortable in the Porsche, just the suspension is very hard so donít take your grandma out in this car. Almost all of my cars are lowered and even still I found this car not that comfortable on most roads. You donít roll over potholes but you fall into them!

The NSX is not a daily driver either. I know a few guys who claim otherwise but their cars look pretty beat up. If you want to keep the car looking decent, keep both of these as weekend cars. The NSX is not the fastest car in the world for sure with only 295hp but when you drive the car hard, it seems to beg for more and moves effortlessly pass most traffic. I love the driving position as it makes the driver feel as you are part of the car. Steering response, shifter and chassis are all perfectly matched to make it fun to drive. It honestly feels faster than my supercharged s2000 with 336 rwhp and the linear throttle is something you only get with a NA Motor. I get stuck in traffic in the NSX and it is perfectly comfortable, the only thing I have to watch out for is idiots who cut in front of me or cutting me off because they donít see me. My main problem with my NSX is itís a bit too quiet for a weekend fun car. Even with the GT 5.1 exhaust, I can barely hear it over the revs sometimes. This is good on some days but mostly not good on fun days. The GT3 exhaust tone can be changed by a button on the dash and even the stock exhaust is amazing. I have heard a few buddies with modded exhausts and those sound like heaven on the GT3.
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