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Honestly, this break in period stuff is a bit of a load of crap and I really don't know the scientific basis of it. How many revolutions do you think it takes for the metal in your engine to get "filed down".

Assume an average rpm of 3000 and an average speed of 50mph. This equates to 180,000 revolutions every 50 miles. 1200 miles would work out to 4, 320,000 revolutions. It does not take this much to break in your motor.

Don't believe me? Take a dremel tool at 6000 rpm to a piece of metal for 1 minute and see what it does.

I have never followed these types of ridiculous break in rules, and I have never had any type of problem. I kept my car under 6000 rpms for like the first 300 miles. Then 7000 rpms for the next 300 miles. Even then, I would deliberately redline it once in awhile. After 600 miles, I drove it however I wanted. I used a lot of engine braking and varied the rpms a lot. Now, I certainly didn't do any sustained high rpm driving like you may do on a track, but for routine spirited street driving, the notion that you have to adhere to these rpm limits has no scientific basis whatsoever. In fact, there are plenty of people who believe a hard break in is actually better for the motor in terms of seating the piston rings and subsequent implications for oil burning.

And BTW, isn't every engine is tested to redline before it even leaves the factory?!?!
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