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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
My personal experience was surprising especially since I was running PFC pads with them. I bed the pads in on the new rotors and went to the track. They heat cracked after the first use and then they grew really quickly. I only got 4 days out of them and some of the cracks were getting alarmingly wide. Compared to the E46 OEM M3 euro rotors where I got 6 weekends out of. I kept going and eeked out 2 more weekends but I had back up rotors with me.

See the thread below. I don't think my rotors were far from looking like that. Now that's 2 of 4 people that I know run these rotors. Maybe bad luck but I'll personally pass on these.
Wow, that sucks! I know a lot of people that run these on e46 M3s (CR & HPDE) as well as on the F of e9x M3s without issue; however, I can understand why you'd stay away from them.

Were your cracks small stress cracks that formed over most of the rotor surface or a few large cracks? Did they form near the tabs on the ID of the ring?