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Originally Posted by urBan_dK View Post
No prob. Find out from Rogue whether their power steering pulley is the same as stock diameter (meaning it will also run at 84%) or if they make it 16% smaller in order to restore to 100% of OEM power steering speed.
Great thread. I used to have the Rogue pulley and now have the AA. They are very similar in diameter if not exactly the same I believe. The Rogue power steering pulley is the same size as the OEM power steering pulley. The only reason Rogue and MS are changing the power steering pulley is to go from an OEM ribbed pulley to a flat design so they can use an off the shelf belt. AA took a different approach and felt the power steering pulley should remain OEM and therefore had to supply a custom made ribbed belt to fit. If the belt breaks you have to obtain a new one from AA- you can't run a pick up a new belt at the auto parts store. I'm very happy with the AA pulley.

Also the AA uses one off the shelf belt and one custom ribbed belt.

Here are some pictures of OEM, AA, Rogue and the belts supplied for AA and Rogue.

AA and Rogue pulley-

AA and OEM-

Rogue and the supplied off the shelf belts (Dayco is power steering)-

AA with off the shelf belt and custom ribbed belt-

AA, OEM, and Rogue PS and crank pulley (bottom)-

Rogue PS and crank pulley-

AA pulley installed showing belt routing and AA custom belt-

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