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Originally Posted by silvergray545 View Post
Bored at school. Bored at home. This thread seems perfect for me.

I actually have quite a bit to do. My mom moved her business out of the house recently. Since it took up our whole basement, I've decided to clean and finish our basement. I'm gonna turn it into my man cave.
Nice, lay out your plans here. I will criticize and make suggestions i love doing that kind of stuff. (used to build/design home theaters/"man caves" as a side job in high school)

Originally Posted by badazzm View Post
They wake up 3 hrs before us too. Haha. But I love west coast. Could never move out of cali!
Agreed! Only thing I hate it about it is cost of living, for the sole fact that nearly anywhere else I'd be "ballin" but here im just another prick in a bmw