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Was anyone else annoyed by the switch in podium and post-race interview format this season?

1) They went to that sculped metal portable podium backdrop, which now looks the same at every race. (because, well it is the same)

2) They ditched the traditional post-race interview, where they were seated and asked comprehensive and often ackward or engaging questions, and instead are now asked just a few brief questions by the guest race celebrity-of-the-week. And in response all we seem to get lately is a generic "first I'd just like to thank all the fans...." And some of those guests are just not well suited to the task of interviewing. On one hand you have guys like David Coulthard who handled it expertly at Abu Dhabi, then on the other you have guys like Piquet who really struggled to just ask a question last weekend in Brazil.

3) Is it just me or is it a new thing (this season) for them to telegraph the champaign ritual? There's a guy that literally says "And now.... the chaaampaaaiggnn!!!!' right before they start spraying, and it just seems so cheesy and contrived. Was it always like that and I have just forgotten from previous seasons??