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Originally Posted by UnaBomber View Post
dont forget slow

Really, can a M3 with VT2-650 be considered slow, does anyone really needs more power then that from a RWD daily driver!? Sure it must be fun to floor a 1000hp AWD automatic car in a straight line, but how often can you do that in your daily commute.

Personnaly what I find the most fun in a car is breaking the tail loose and it happens that the M3 does that a lot better then the GT-R which you can't buy with a manual tranny anyway(personnal taste). So for me the M3 is the most fun all around performer even if you can not reach the same performance level as the GT-R! To me the fun factor is more important then beating every other cars on the highway even though I also have a lot of fun doing that!

IMHO, RWD+manual+8300rpm >>> AWD+auto+7000rpm

Also the M3 is more civilized and a bit cheaper so that leaves me plenty of money to change my rear tires twice every summer! But don't misunderstand me, I love GT-Rs, I just love M3 better for what I do, everyone buy cars for different purpose. But in the end, it's not the M3 that is too slow, it's the GT-R that's too fast!

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