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So next week is the mid season finale, and from what Ive read, we got another character is gonna be revealed. I dont want to ruin it for anyone that doesnt know, so I wont say who, but it should be good. Also, Im guessing with the introduction of this new character, someone else is going to have to die. All I know is it better not be Daryl, Norman Reedus pretty much makes this show. Hes the better actor out of all of them, he brings that badassness from Boondock Saints with him.

Hell yeah. My favorite character by far, and I loved Boondock Saints.

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My prediction, Lori will show up either on the next episode or the season finale. They never showed her getting shot, and one zombie couldn't have eaten her. It's something AMC would do too, such a shocking twist right before the season ends leaving millions of people screaming "WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!" at their TVs.
I feel like that is a possibility as well. The bullet Rick picked up was off to the side of the blood pool (not in the middle of it) and there were no bones or anything left of Lori. Pretty sure the zombies don't eat the bones.