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Who saw this weeks episode?
I thought it was alright, Ive been reading a lot of people didnt like it. I think it will have a lot to do with what goes down later on in the season. Like the scene with Andrea and Milton, I am pretty sure the Gov was much more invested in that experiment than he lets on. Andrea is really starting to annoy me..although, that ass shot was nice.

I like the different expressions on Michonnes face throughout the episode too, like when she aksed Beth if they cleared the prison by themselves, and when she stood back and watched how they work in forest. I think she is realizing that there are actually people that know how this works. Dude in the cabin in the woods..still dont get that part, they didnt really need that.

Glenn is a beast, took out that walker even when he was tied up, and took multiple hits from Merle. He is a really good actor on top of that, the look in his face when they had Maggie in front of him, man, I felt his pain. On a side note..Maggie topless..yum. Glenn had Merle worried for a second, until he said Andrea was still with the group...then Merle knew he was lying.

So next week is the mid season finale, and from what Ive read, we got another character is gonna be revealed. I dont want to ruin it for anyone that doesnt know, so I wont say who, but it should be good. Also, Im guessing with the introduction of this new character, someone else is going to have to die. All I know is it better not be Daryl, Norman Reedus pretty much makes this show. Hes the better actor out of all of them, he brings that badassness from Boondock Saints with him.

I guess we will see whats gonna happen, next weeks episode looks like its gonna be awesome. Much better than last seasons mid season finale. Of course, pretty much the entire first half of last season was looking for Sophia, not like this season where its just awesome after awesome.