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Originally Posted by VMcV3y View Post
I just want to comment that while attending the Formula 1 race at COTA, there were forty convertibles (open top) vehicles driving around, really really fast. If those guys can do it, then why can't the BMWCCA allow it?

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Probably because their insurance carrier won't allow it and/or the added cost for convertible coverage could cause CCA to risk not recouping their costs? If they keep participant fees the same, obviously they make less money overall if their insurance goes up. If they raise prices, that might reduce the number of participants and they still end up making less money overall. That's pure speculation on my part, and of course other organizers like Driver's Edge allow convertibles as long as they meet the rollover protection requirements (maybe they have a better carrier or can get a better deal since they're a much larger group with much more frequent track events), but it would make sense.

Driver's Edge is an awesome group btw, check them out if you haven't already. Whenever I move, I'm not only going to miss the variety of the tracks in Texas, but I'll especially miss that group; it seems few if any other areas in the country have an HPDE organizer like them that runs several local tracks so you get a consistent HPDE experience wherever you go rather than having to look at the schedules of all of the various tracks nearby and tag along with whatever group is running it that weekend. It's also nice to see lots of familiar student and instructor faces each weekend at several tracks. Highly recommended.
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