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Originally Posted by whats77inaname View Post
I imagine it was the OP's link which showed the kit installation was completed on 11/9/12. However, looking @ the OP's thread history, he shows to have some of the mods listed in the link installed much earlier ( Perhaps the OP can provide a little insight on the time the kit was on his car.
Originally Posted by BikeGeek View Post
Maybe OP is not the original owner? He doesn't mention this info in the original post.
The OP is the original owner.

We installed this VT2-600 kit about 1.5y ago but I never had a chance to post it up along with all other modes that were done to the car. We recently added JRZ suspension and I decided it was time to put all the pics together and make a thread.

So, this kit can be purchased through us or directly from OP whatever makes you more comfortable. We will just help OP with the sale.