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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
An instructor at the BMW driving school in SC is about as a good of a source as I am here on this forum. Seeing as how a driving instructor has about zip to do with sales or distribution. He says he saw a piece of paper with 62K on it. Could have been anything..... I am sticking to 57K base for my prediction. I will be doing a ritualistic animal sacrifice tonight for the MSRP gods....

Post #23 says the school put in several orders for the new car. That might be treated as an internal BMW transaction, and the price might have been on those papers.

I'd say the closer the source to BMW, the more credible it is, so unless you are associated with BMW, the instructor would be more credible than you are in my thinking...Regardless, $62k could still be false information somehow (maybe the instructor was pulling someone's leg or something).