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Originally Posted by veloziROTHTOR View Post
i've been scammed thousands before (fraudulent charges), i'm off the credit system...

you paid for it already, so it's done. but you could have negotiated (e.g. you can have $20 or i'm not paying). for parking tickets, they could put a hold on your car's registration. but for other stuff, it's open to debate. once i got a random bill from a doctor i've never met: it was bs. there are ways to argue and have collection records taken off your credit.

that's why i'm all cash. sue me (i don't have any money that you can get to). put it on my credit, i don't care (i don't need credit). my phone's prepaid, my house is part of a blind trust, my m3's not worth the trouble. everything else is under my parents.
unless you have a lifetime of inheritance ahead of you, your plan is short sighted.

Yes, you can argue hits on your credit, I have no experience doing it.