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Originally Posted by rjd598 View Post
I'm curious if you knew what your baseline dyno was. Asking because I'm wondering how much power the gtm put out specifically
DYNO UPDATE! It was kind of random and wasn't really planned out, but we did go to Carb. Connection in Kirkland to get my friends Cobalt dyno'ed. Little more professional and advanced then my usual shop, but for those that remember my 1st dyno experience with new exhaust, I was going to cross comparison anyways.

Carb Conn, still uses a dynojet, but Intec Racing has the 248c and carb conn uses a 424x which is Dynojet's most recent dynamometer. Not to mention Carb Conn uses much better fans to simulate air flow, anyways on to the main point.

Million dollar question: Did I see any gains?

From my stock baseline, the RPI GTC Exhaust by itself, netted me 24 rwhp 17 tq. So that is a definite YES!. The hp gain was right around what I was expecting. The torque gain was short of what I expected, but not significant enough for me to be disappointed. 17tq is still substantial, no matter how you look at it.

The shop did as many runs as it took to get consistent numbers and I got a majority of it on film so I'll post the vid up soon with the dyno sheet.

The car now sits at 374 rwhp and 267 ft/lbs tq. No regrets with the GTC & I'm significantly closer to hitting my goal of a 400 rwhp all motor track car
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