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Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
You have to think about it from both sides. From PY's side, you wouldn't just give someone back their money and not expect product in return. They are going to need that part back so they can return it to ARKYM to get their money back. Same thing from ARKYM's end. They aren't just going to give PY money without knowing for sure that their product was defective.
That's true. I understand that would make sense in a defective iPod case where it might be able to be refurbished. But this is a hood...

He already took pictures showing glaring quality issues with the product. At the point where they're not going to fix or reuse the part, getting everyone to agree that the product was defective and having the OP throw it out would be the best interest for everyone. Shipping a hood is $$$.

Arkym and PY should just return the guy's cash in exchange for proof that OP received a defective hood and dumped it in the garbage. Mistakes happen... take a bat to it and move on
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