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thank you so much. I'm going to look around a little more and make some calls and see where it takes me!

Originally Posted by dvpouldar26 View Post
I think both JRZ's and TCK are great, but there's also a big price difference, and I know you mentioned price is an issue. According to HP Autowerks, JRZ's S/A's are around 4500 retail and TCK's are around 3000 for their D/A. However, JRZ's are widely used and it would be easier to get info on setup from others compared to TCK's which I haven't heard too many things about on the E9x's. I'd definitely give HP Autowerks and The R's Tuning a call because I know they've installed and dialed in a few of these setups.

I'd still look at KW CS. For street driving and your budget, I think it's a great choice. If you're not happy with their standard spring rates (I think they are 514/800), you can always just swap in another set of Swift springs with the spring rates of your choosing. I'd recommend going with the KW CS's and saving the rest of your money for pads/fluid/tires, unless you have those already.