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Originally Posted by M3RD View Post
Thanks for all your feedback on this issue. I like to point out that I truly like my M3, however, I am truly disappointed for the future of this fine automobile as to where it is being taken. For example to plan to call the future coupe an M4 after all the championships the M3 has achieved I just don't get it.

Nevertheless, some interesting viewpoints on this issue indeed.

Also I like to clarify that I will keep my M3 for quite sometime, after all I sold my e46 so to get into the last V8 M3. In my OP I merely pointed out that it will be my last one.

Some of the posters pointed to Mercedes and the AMG line. I happen to own a C350 4MATIC it came with the AMG wheels. This does NOT mean that Mercedes plasters the AMG badge on the back of the car.

Nope. The AMG package is cosmetic only. It adds larger AMG rims and tires, a skirt and bumper package, and some other trim but it does not involve any modifications to the engine or any changes to the handling ( other than the wheels with the more sticky rubber My C350 4MATIC is our DD and when I got it from the Dealer it came with the package.
Again, I want to mention what I said before. So all you have a problem with is the badging then? You have no idea how the next generation will even drive, but it's not good enough because of a badge?

Take the car for what it is. If the next gen comes out and turns out to be the best thing since sliced bread, how foolish would it be to ignore it because it no longer carries the M3 sticker on the trunk.

So you are saying it's OK for AMG to offer cosmetic changes only and slap AMG badges all over the car, but not OK for ///M to do the same thing? That's what it sounds like to me.

I don't understand how people think like this? How about you wait until the car comes out first?
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