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Originally Posted by BMW-RaceR View Post
WOW, thanks for info SCOTT26!

So RWD 1-series (F20/F21) will end in 2017.
And M2 coupe will have a 4 cylinder.

Any info about how long the RWD 2-series will live. And will that series turn into FWD too? I hope not!
I would guess the 2 series coupe would stay RWD, especially if this new segment with the Audi A3 sedan and Mercedes CLA catches on because BMW would want a RWD M2 to take on the CLA45 AMG and S3/RS3. Going to FWD would eliminate the M2's biggest advantage over the other two which use FWD-based Haldex AWD systems (anyone who has driven an R32 should know why this is not nearly as awesome as a true AWD system can be, you can also drive an S3 and an S4 back to back and see the big difference in handling).