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The best thing to do is to secure a resolution of the refund. After the bad press, PYSPEED has offered to pay for shipping and a full refund so the OP should take the offer. With PYSPEED's display of poor servicing and the OP not being able to trust vendor(s), maybe a 50% of the refund up front and 50% on arrival of the hood would be a display of good faith from PYSPEED and possibly the OP would be more comfortable with shipping the hood. It would not be fair for PYSPEED to send 100% of the refund before the op ships the product.

OP, you really can't expect ARKYM and PYSPEED to man up with the type of servicing you've seen. I too am a young businessman and I've learned early on to avoid at all costs to do business with people like this no matter how much financial growth is feasible. If you're already in the mud, take the best and least time consuming option to get out of the "mud" and move on with your life. You loose more than hard earned cash at the end of the day waiting for ARKYM and PYSPEED to get on their knees and wait for their apologies; to be quite realistic, with their actions so far, its likely it will not happen. Be the wise man and fix your problems don't spend time growing your frustrations. With the offer from PYSPEED on the table and the word out about PYSPEED and ARKYM, I think you've already won bro. Either way, good luck..
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