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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I find heel-toeing on the street is much more difficult. You don't have the brake pedal depressed as far or as hard on the street so you have to reach for the throttle. On the track, the brake pedal is buried in the carpet, it's much easier.

I'd just practice blipping the throttle and downshifting (no brake) since that is the most complicated part. Get that down and then start adding the heel toe part.
I agree with this. I never felt like I could effectively practice this technique on the street. Just can't depress the brake far enough for the amount of time it takes to make it work, not without doing things that are not cool to be doing on public roads.

It's kind of like snow skiing. If you want to learn how to ski on steeper, faster slopes, you just have to do it on steeper faster slopes. You may theoretically know the technique you need to work on, but you just can't do it on a shallow slope because you scrub off your speed so quick that what you are trying to do is no longer relevant or realistic.

I didn't really get it until I spent two days at the M driving school in SC, where I got to do it over and over at speed. After that and a couple of years of track days, I got relatively good at it, (for an amateur). Feels pretty good when you hit it right and put it all together. Then, 4 years ago, I found a nice little trick... DCT.
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