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Originally Posted by smmmurf View Post
In for a resolution to this issue. Personally I think they (PY/Arkym) should just refund his money. My question is, why bother having Fanatic ship back a defective CF part? It's not like they can fix it, can they?

Just refund the guy's money and have the guy dump out the defective hood (can even request proof that he has broken it so they don't have to worry about a defective part being sold to another member who will have similar fitment issues).
You have to think about it from both sides. From PY's side, you wouldn't just give someone back their money and not expect product in return. They are going to need that part back so they can return it to ARKYM to get their money back. Same thing from ARKYM's end. They aren't just going to give PY money without knowing for sure that their product was defective.
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