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Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
. i think you mean "gouge" but you aren't going to hurt a steel rotor that sees 1200+ degrees and thousands of lb-ft of torque sticking something in the holes to clear them. You know the inboard face of the rotor has holes in it too, right? How well does spraying water clean the inboard side? What happens when a clod of wet brake dust gets stuck in a vane? It turns to cement as soon as it dries.
Yes I meant gouge..and yes you can damage the OEM galvanized coating on the surface of the rotor. It has nothing to do with the rotor's thermal capacity

If you have plugged up brake rotor holes you are simply not washing the car others have said simple hose will take care of it..nothing turns to cement.

On the inboard side it wouldnt matter as you cant see it..we are talking only aesthetics here.