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To change or not to change...?

Got low oil light just after arriving at my brother's house on T-Day. Of course no 10W-60 available anywhere. So I got on my bro's computer and came to M3Post immediately and found several helpful posts. I also ... M3 supplemental version and was able to find an open auto parts store that carried one of the reccomended oils for top off in a bind. Castrol Full Synthetic 5W-50. Added half quart and car still read low...added other half qt and of course car then read Max..but OK....

Now my question...I don't think a qt of 5W-50 will be a problem when introduced to 8 other qts of 10W-60 for a short time but my oil change is not due for 7K miles according to the computer. So I came to guys that know. I generally put less than 1K miles per month. Should I go ahead and have the oil changed or just wait it out?

and there will now always be quart of 10W-60 in my trunk...