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Originally Posted by PayaumShoushaniE92 View Post
one more question for you guys.. For example I'm looking at tc kline shocks and you get to choose what spring rate you want. Are the high spring rates more comfortable?

Originally Posted by PayaumShoushaniE92 View Post
i was actually talking about the full coilover ground control kit. i think I'm going to go with something better though. TC kline, Ast, jrz.
Originally Posted by PayaumShoushaniE92 View Post
i used to track a lot with speed district but i haven't gone for a while now. i would go with the kw cs but i want something a little more than that. maybe something like the tc kline single adjustable or double. what do you think about that? You have probable seen me at the track before. I have a black e92 and used to have orange track wheels with r888.
I think you have to specify what you mean by "better" and "something more", those terms are vague. Do you want something with more adjustability? Remember, no matter what setup you go with, it does not promise an improvement in handling. Just as importantly, you have to have everything setup for your needs, driving style, where you track, etc. Talk to a reputable shop about getting set up properly then dial in final adjustments as you go. I'd definitely specify what you're looking for. A setup with more camber adjustment and more compression/rebound adjustability?

From some of your comments, it seems like you should do some more research on suspension and suspension setup. Higher spring do not necessarily indicate a rough ride, the "comfort" of the drive is also dependent on compression and rebound settings. A car with high rates can still be quite streetable. I'd recommend KW CS, or JRZ RS1's in your price range. In calculating your budget, remember to factor in install and setup costs if you're not installing, corner balancing and aligning your setup yourself.
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