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Originally Posted by bobblehead View Post
.... have not seen/heard of any structural issues ... but

Not a fan of Morr wheel at all after reading so many customer complaints of their after sales service and the inability to work out the solution with the customers. There are a few threads on the 5post forum.
Like any company, we have had situations that we have had to deal with. Shipping damages, lost packages, back-ordered parts, delay in production, defects in the paint, etc. These are things that any wheel business will encounter. These issues, however, are minimal and when they have occurred, we have handled them effectively and in favor of the customer. There is one particular case, on the 5post forum, where a HK customer received his wheels and reported the finish as being defective. No questions asked, we brought the wheels back to the US, replaced all the parts the customer requested to be replaced, and shipped it back to the customer. All this at no cost to him.

Other than that, I do not know of any other customer issues. "so many customer complaints" and "inability to work out the solution with the customers" might be stretching the truth. No intention to bump this thread other than to avoid speculation.

Originally Posted by JimmyD
Can anyone here tell me if they have ever heard of a problem with MORR wheels?
We make very strong, lightweight and structurally sound wheels. We use FEM on every one of our applications to make sure our wheels are capable of withstanding the required load, whether for street or track applications. For the past 7 years, we have never had any mechanical/structural failure and we intend to keep it that way. Not that it cannot happen, but it's our job to do the best we can to make sure we push the envelope and produce the best wheels possible.


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