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Hey guys, I wanted to chime in on this thread. Alittle background on my car. I have a 08 m3, that was originally dinan tuned, then powerchip tuned, then about 7ish months ago Mike tuned it , and most recently I purchased a tuning cable from Mike/BPMSport. The dinan tune, was rather lame, the powerchip tune felt like how the dinan tune should have felt, and when Mike happened to be in NY/NJ about 7 months ago he tuned my car, which was incredible. Then about 2 weeks ago I purchased a cable from BPM and Mike remotely updated my car from 110e to 240e and retuned. I wanted to put a few miles on the car before I commented, but after my morning drive to get coffee I had to comment. Mikes 240e tune is just straight insane, I have about 500 miles on it, and the car with each drive feels increasingly healthier. Im not sure what I can add that has not already been said, but this tune is everything then some. The remote tuning I really thought would be a huge headache, but it was so so so so easy. The update took circa 5 minutes, and then the tune took about another 5 minutes. Mike also put in some goodies like launch control, turned off cold start, and lowered redline on coldstart. I have said it before in my other reviews of Mikes work, but I will say it again, I do not trust many people with my car, but I know I can trust mike and his work.
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