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Originally Posted by jdemetry View Post
+1, a little annoying, but but Mercedes puts AMG all over their non AMG cars, have for years. Porsche is a little differant, but they don't have a "special" division, so not really apples to apples. They did put their Porsche badge on an SUV and a Sedan, and Porschefiles were much more upset about that when it happened that what we see with people complaining about M badges everywhere.
AMG cars were never really sports cars in my mind. Mercedes in general is more of a GT car company. AMG models were the uber GT models. What's sad is BMW turned into a GT car company as well.

In regards to Porsche case. Sure people were upset about seeing Porsche badges on SUVs and cars, but as long as Porsche make the 911, and more importantly GT3, who cares? I always say this, and I will repeat here. I understand that BMW is a company that is set to make money. But how hard would it be to make 1 or 2 cars that are targeted to enthusiasts?

Soon they're making cars ranging from 1 to 7, and X1 to X6. Among all these models, is it really that hard, that financially impossible to make 1 or 2 reasonably priced, light weight, high revving, relatively stripped out true performance cars? Cars like M3 GTS are retarded. That's not what we need. If I have that much money to spend on a toy, why on earth should I buy a BMW? There is a GT3 RS...
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