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Originally Posted by koxal View Post
You can get a returned unit (30 days money back deal from V1) with brand new accessories + 2 years man. warranty for $360 plus shipping from manufacturer. And the unit you are getting is the LATEST model.
Thats why i always compare used items here to above deal..
For an used LATEST model unit on forum, I would pay $300 to justify the above deal.

If you sell on ebay, you will be charged for selling fee + paypal fee.
Fees are roughly $35 for a sales price of $340.
So it is basically same thing to sell either here or on ebay..

just my 2 cents.

I have never paid $35 to sell on Ebay. Listed it for free and then PP fee's the buyer paid for. Even if you didn't put PP fee's in it would be $10. $330 net.

Just my $.03. It is worth more than $300 and folks on this forum just want to rip him for his price rather than not comment unless you want to buy.

I guess we will see what he gets for it and he can be the judge.

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