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Picked up by a girl while in my car

I was on my way back home from a friends house, but my parents weren't home and I didn't have the keys. So I parked my car in front of RALPH's and started reading my kindle. A little X5 parks diagonally to me like 10 minutes into my reading and even though I'm parked like 100 feet from all the other cars, I think nothing of it. I continue reading for like another half hour and still no one comes out of the truck. Next thing I know it reverses towards me and a really pretty valley girl blonde starts small talking with me. She asks me out to Benihana's and since I have nothing better to do until my parents get back home from their party, I just go along with it. Who can turn down some free food

Now maybe it's just me because I have never gone out on a date with someone outside of high school/college, but this girl seemed unusually frisky/touchy. I guess it was pretty obvious what she wanted... it's just that it felt uncomfortable with all these other people around us. Besides that I had a pretty good time. Once we were done she asked me to come over to her place so we could have some drinks and relax. I got kind of freaked out because she was escalating so quickly, so I ended up making an excuse that I had something come up and just gunned it. I felt kind of bad because she paid for dinner and everything, but it was just all out of my comfort zone. [EDIT: Oh god. I re-read that and I sound like I'm a girl.]

I mean the experience was just surreal. Never been picked up by a girl and literally taken care of.. maybe even more! Maybe BMW owners share a certain connection lol. Anyone else deal with something like this before?

*This happened at the RALPH's in Sherman Oaks at Van Nuys/Burbank Blvd in case you guys know something about this place that I don't*