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Originally Posted by M3PWR View Post
I understand your other points, but you make it seem like if someone daily drive's their M3 it for some (odd) reason wouldn't be in pristine condition. It's possible, trust me. I've seen your posts, and I think YOU personally put a little too much emphasis on the M3.
Not a personal attack against you in anyway. Just pointing that out.
Well, I noticed that you live in Florida. I, on the other hand, live in New England. Driving your vehicle through winters where the roads are covered with the muck and grime of all the sand and salt will take its toll. Daily driving also means the inevitable door ding and/or curb rash. Sure, you can care for your car as much as is humanly possible, but you can't do anything about exposure to a harsh environment.

Also, I didn't mean to make it sound like I thought DD'ing your M3 is odd. Not in the least. It is perfectly usable and capable as a DD, however I personally did not buy it with that in mind.
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