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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
Sorry but you missed the point completely if you believe as Mitt Romney does that the only problem with his comments is that he said them out loud. That thinking is just an extension of the same insult you just claimed to understand is wrong. That is EXACTLY the problem Republicans have right now with a changing electorate and that is THE reason Mitt Romney lost the election. All the coded xenophobic language intended to appeal to mostly southern white voters alienated many non-white voters including Asians who gave over 70% of their vote to Obama. If you look at the electoral map you'll clearly see Romney won most of the southern states and lost everywhere else. That's not a coincidence. Ironically southern states are generally less affluent than the rest of the country and they consume a disproportionate amount of government services than other states.

By the way the vast majority of those who "consume the social safety net" happen to be white, not black or hispanic as is implied by the comments above.

What Jindal clearly understands that you and Mitt Romney don't is that all people are basically the same. Everyone wants the same things in life. Dividing people into makers and takers is the true definition of divisive class warfare. Allowing yourself to believe that entire groups of people are only interested in receiving gifts from the government with no aspirations beyond that is proof that you don't get it. If you want voters to accept Republican ideas and principles you have to connect with them and get them to like you so they are willing to hear your message. As Jindal says the way to get voters is to like you is like them first and treat them with respect, not insult them. Telling people what you think they want to hear to get their vote, then disparaging them behind closed doors is the way to lose elections.

And speaking of "stuff" what about all the "stuff" Mitt Romney and the Repubs promised all those billionaire donors who contributed so generously to his Republican super packs? They didn't cough up all that dough just cause they liked ol' Mitt. There were all kinds of strings attached to those dollars and if Romney won the election you can damn well bet they would all be calling in their chits. The Republican party is just as generous to big business and millionaires as you claim the left to be to poor minorities.
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