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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
Yes...but what is enjoyment? Some people enjoy having their cars in pristine condition. Some people enjoy the special feeling of driving the M3 specifically because it is not their daily driver.

Like everything else, to me, it is about balance and moderation. I am one of those people who loves driving my M3 but want to keep it looking pristine as well. I have found a nice balance. It is not my DD and I don't deliberately drive it in bad weather, but I do drive it in nice weather for all sorts of varied purposes. 10000 miles in 17 months. Enough that it isn't a garage queen, but not so much that it doesn't feel special when I do drive it.

I understand your other points, but you make it seem like if someone daily drive's their M3 it for some (odd) reason wouldn't be in pristine condition. It's possible, trust me. I've seen your posts, and I think YOU personally put a little too much emphasis on the M3.
Not a personal attack against you in anyway. Just pointing that out.