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Originally Posted by p-streets View Post
Thanks for all rplys I'm not doing it just to do a mid Im looking for more power and I work hard for all my money do I have to take my time and make the rite choice for anything I put in this beast so thinking I just might keep saving up and get a better mod to add like a LSD or something but thanks for all the input guys I will keep looking for new mods that give more power
It is very difficult to get any meaningful power out of this car without adding a supercharger. The engine is in a state of maximal reliable tune already. If you get a full header-back exhaust that deletes the primary cats, then get an ECU tune to go with it, you can get about 30hp, but other than that there is really nothing to do unless you start really ripping apart the motor. Going to a less restrictive air filter will give you a nicer engine growl, a few hp, and can be had for less than $100.
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