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Originally Posted by Stronghammer View Post
Certainly I agree that modifying a car is a financial loser. Having said that many things have made that OK with me. If I sell the M3 and get into something new I lose money. Paid cash for the car when I bought it. It would be difficult for me to spend money on a supercharger if I still owed 40 K on the car. The car has been rock solid since I have owned it and I trust it is not going to blow up tomorrow. Thanks to this board there is an ability for a "rookie" like me to make informed choices. I have come to trust companies like IND to give me honest answers and great service so I am not afraid of being ripped off. Finally Modding keeps me entertained and occupies my addictive needs. In the end its likely much cheaper than getting a DUI or sleeping with your secretary.
My wife is a lot hotter than my secretary, so no worries for me on that front.
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