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Originally Posted by MikeE92M3 View Post
Just got around to installing Macht Schnell Wheel spacers on my car (15 front, 12 rear), and just had a couple questions. Just a few days ago I had new front brakes-rotors/pads, etc, so the hub was brand new and shiny. The front spacers went on without an issue, minus the front passenger side, which was a wee bit tight to put on.
I thouroughly cleaned off the both front hubs and its surface despite it being brand new. The spacers sat on each other in the box perfectly flush so I know the spacers were just fine. I put the driver side on--perfect. Torqued down to about 92 ft/lbs. Front passenger side, went on a little bit, and I used a few towels and a mallet to smack in the spacer, and did this for about 2-3 minutes across the surface of the spacer to ensure it was flat, and I am certain it is perfectly flat across the surface of the hub. Put the wheel on, torqued it down, done with the fronts.

Now, this is where my initial concern was. The 12mm spacers for the rear could not get onto the hub (I think it is because of the rust and calcified water on the surface of the hub. I cleaned this/sanded it down as best as I can until it was fairly clean. For both rear wheels, I had to use the mallet/rags to hammer down the spacers onto the hub. I made sure it was all perfectly flat, and it was. These are the correct fitments--they were just damn tight.
There is NO part of the spacers--front and rear--coming off the hub whatsoever, and everything was torqued down approproately. After about 5 miles of driving at various speeds (20-80mph) I notice nothing out of the ordinary and no shudder or vibrations (except the usual cracks/imperfections in the road that even while stock, picked it up). Do I have anything to worry about? I know they were tight as hell to put over the hub, but everything was perfectly clean, and the spacers and extended bolts are 100% brand new. I checked the torque of the bolts after my drive and they were totally fine.

Sorry for the long post--just wanted to be as detailed as possible! Hope someone can provide me with some assurance!
As long as you've verified they are sitting against the rotor surface and that all bolts are tight - you should be good.

It's also a good idea to retorque after 50mi when using new spacers.
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