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Travelling to the USA w/British Passport and Permanent Residency questions

I know we are on a car forum guys but maybe some of you can help me out considering I can't find any solid information on the web, just a bunch of conflicting statements.

So here's the deal; I am from the UK (moved to YYC 3.5 years ago), I hold a British Passport AND a Canadian Permanent Residency card. I am traveling to the states, San Jose, CA, to be exact via LAND on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, could be either through Montana, Washington or Idaho (all locations have 24 hours service so we're still deciding on what route to take for scenery etc).

My question to the British passport holders in Canada or anyone who knows about this stuff, did you have to fill in the ESTA? If so, how did you get passed the flight # section when travelling by land? Also, do I need to fill an I-94W out before I get to the border or when I'm there? Do I even need to fill it out?

Thanks guys! Happy driving.