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Originally Posted by spdy330 View Post
I would be interested but not at your asking price. Actually no where near your asking price to be honest. Is the $75.00 savings from purchasing new with warranty worth the lack in new features and warranty?

Serial Number 2791290919


Our V1.85 Upgrade* for this series of V1 will produce the following benefits:

Traffic Monitor Filter eliminates false alarms caused by SpeedInfo, a traffic-flow monitoring system that sends frequent K-band radar bursts into the traffic stream. This software algorithm is installed at the factory but not activated. For activation instructions, click here.

Extended Serial Protocol (ESP) enhances two-way communication with SAVVY and future peripheral devices.

*One-year limited warranty starting at upgrade date, same as new units.

-- Upgrade to V1.85: As soon as we receive your old unit (in operable condition with no tampering of the serial number) we'll replace two circuit boards and install revised firmware, then return it to you in the shortest possible time with a new serial number to indicate its revised capability.
PRICE: $199 plus shipping
I'm selling the unit as it is. Thx
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